Chuck Grant

chuck Grant and Jet

The International Series celebrates the Martial (or Military) Horse.

This is a photo of Charles “Chuck” Grant, the Father of American Dressage, with his Army horse Jet at the Chicago Armory in 1941, performing the kneel. Chuck led a distinguished military career that began in 1933 then went on to organize the first civilian dressage show to be held in the United States in 1948. He was further honored as the third person inducted in the Dressage Hall of Fame. It was the US Army that gave him the opportunity to learn about, train and ride horses. He took that knowledge and went on to become one of the greatest horsemen the world has known.



About Tonya

I began riding at the age of 3. I rode in group lessons with my Dad Chuck Grant. I also rode with many show jumping trainers across the country and competed all my life. In 2003 I decided to focus 100% on Dressage but now that I am training a wide range of young horses; I use my jumping and dressage ability to cross train the young horses and find exactly what they are best at. I currently train with my mom Carole Grant and am always amazed at the knowledge she has for horses and training. See my full biography at I have a 5 year old son and 7 year old twin boys. We live in Hartland Michigan. All my kids love animals but have a special interest in wild animals.
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