About Visual Equestrian LLC and Tonya Grant

Visual Equestrian L.L.C is located in Hartland Township, Michigan.

We specialize in competitive Dressage for children and adults. We have a specific training program geared for each individual horse and rider combination.

Our goal is to have horses with good characters and a willingness to work and bring those horses and rider combinations to the highest level possible.

A great deal of our business is sales. We work with professionals all over the globe to make the right match of  horse and rider.  We have a great track record of selling good horses and encourage anyone who needs or wants to sell their horse or pony  to contact me at 248-219-0410 or email me for more information at evekko10@gmail.com

We have special pricing for sale horses.  All sale horses are managed and ridden by Tonya Grant.

Enjoy some history on our family  business:

About Tonya

I began riding at the age of 3. I rode in group lessons with my Dad Chuck Grant. I also rode with many show jumping trainers across the country and competed all my life. In 2003 I decided to focus 100% on Dressage but now that I am training a wide range of young horses; I use my jumping and dressage ability to cross train the young horses and find exactly what they are best at. I currently train with my mom Carole Grant and am always amazed at the knowledge she has for horses and training. See my full biography at www.visualequestrian.com I have a 5 year old son and 7 year old twin boys. We live in Hartland Michigan. All my kids love animals but have a special interest in wild animals.
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